Problems Are What Cameron Poetzscher Handles

November 17, 2016
While he is currently the Head of Corporate Development for Uber, one of the fastest-growing tech companies in the world, over his long career, Cameron Poetzscher has developed an excellent reputation as a problem solver with wide ranging and extensive finance, operational and deal-making experience. The people who know him like his creative approach to decision making, including his ability to analyze and make the best of nearly any business transaction. However, it is his problem-solving skills that makes him an indispensable executive.

Cameron Poetzscher tends to approach complex problems with a singular focus. In fact, he is so focused at times that he often does his most significant work in challenging situations that would intimidate lesser business minds. Much of his ability to make the best of a difficult situation comes from his extensive experience leading difficult negotiations. It can be said that Cameron has experienced it all, including structuring partnerships and acquisitions and making deals as part of his long 17-year stint at Goldman Sachs as a global investment specialist, where he assisted some of the largest companies in the world deal with some of the most complex transactions imaginable.